C   a   f   e
W   e   l   c   o   m   e

Throughout time, songs have touched the heart...healed the soul..enflamed the spirit...

"Songs on the Way" is a collection of quotes that we hope will help lift the spirit...and light the way...as you travel along your sacred path.

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Love Poems From God
Twelve Sacred Voices from
the East and West

Translations by Daniel Ladinsky


Our Beauty

Live with dignity, women
Live with dignity, men.
Few things will more enhance our
beauty as

(c. 717-801)


Rumi, Pay Homage

If God said,

"Rumi, pay homage to everything
that has helped you
enter my

There would not be one
experience of my life,
not one thought,
not one feeling,
nor any act, I
would not

~ Rumi


If Someone Cried In Heaven

If you cried in heaven, everyone
would laugh

for they would know you were just

St. Catherine of Siena